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Alright, let’s talk about the thing that is probably going to change the landscape of politics in the USA. The “Unite the Right” rally that wasn’t. And the car that starts (or ends) it all.

To be completely honest, I had no idea this was going on or happening until I started seeing pictures from the march that happened Friday night. It was one of those interesting things I can’t exactly make. I can get torch lit marches, those are as old as time. The Polo shirts were new, as was the fact everyone looked completely normal. What with Anti-fa running in ISIS black around and the wild, disjointed costumes of of the Alt-Right, having a completely normal group of polo and slacks folks was a bit odd. Threw me for a loop. That being said, the march was pretty much peaceful. No riots, not beatings, no setting everything including the trashcans on fire. Well, except for the end when apparently Anti-fa attacked them. Like usual.

The BBC claimed that the protestors were showing “Jews will not divide us” or something like that. I managed to catch videos and all I ever heard was “You will not divide us.” Because ripping off the slogan of a deranged Transformers star is…the thing to do, apparently.

torchlit rally 2

So, curious as to why all these people were marching around with tiki torches (and confused as to why they chose tiki torches), I did a bit of checking and discovered they were in Charlottesville, VA, to protest the removal of a statue of General Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate Armies, because apparently the state of Virginia wants to jump on the band wagon of destroying historical artifacts.

For those who aren’t aware of it, Robert E. Lee is to “Dixie” what William Wallace is to Scotland. He was the hero in their hour of need, inspired them, and fought for them. Much like William Wallace is viewed as a traitor to the British crown and a scoundrel of infamous repute, Lee has become that to many in the US who have decided historical facts are secondary to “muh slavery” feels. Other wise they might know that Lee wasn’t a big fan of slavery at all, but still fought for the south because he believed in the rights of individuals and states not to just be dictated terms by the Federal Government. However well intentioned those terms might be.

So that was the night before. What happened the day of is perhaps more interesting, and terrifying. Though not, perhaps, for the reasons the media would like you to believe.

Before we get to everything, we have a few things to go over timeline wise.

Night before: Protestors march peacefully to the statue. They are confronted by Anti-Fa and Black Lives Matter. Shit happens, as usual. Alt-right is blamed even though they didn’t start shit.

11:00 am day of: Governor of Virginian declares a State of Emergency. This despite the fact nothing even close to an emergency had happened. Or even anything close to the destruction and devastation like what happened at Berkley. This State of Emergency allows him to void all permits that the “Unite the Right” protestors had legally obtained for what a completely legal assembly. Said Governor is a Democrat.

11:40 am: Protestors from both “Unite the Right” as well as Antifa and Black Lives Matter have started to gather (neither of whom have permits as far as I’m aware). Both groups are presently separated. At 11:40 the police announce that this is an “unlawful assembly” and order the crowds to disperse. And everything I’ve come across indicates that the police did not create separate exits for the groups to leave by. Oh no, the police dispursed the “Unite the Right” crowd through Anti-fa and BLM. Violence automatically erupts.

Including, on the BLM/Anti-fa side, the use of a homemade flamethrower.

antifa flamethrower

Which, I’m relatively sure was not mentioned by the media.

Still, the rally is dispersed and at this point no one has died. People are returning to their cars and leaving.

At some point, I haven’t been able to pin it down when these evens occur, three people die. All three deaths are laid at the feet of the Alt-Right and declarations of TERRORISM!!!!! And WHITE NATIONALIST TERRORISM!!!! start streaming from every media outlet who can get a signal.

These three deaths include two state troopers and a woman.

Here’s the thing, the two state troopers died in a helicopter crash. That’s it. They died on the same day, in roughly the “general area” when their chopper fell out of the sky and exploded. The only way the Alt-Right could have had anything to do with that is is they had RPGs or Surface to Air Missiles. Since there is absolutely no talk anywhere that I have found to indicate that the Alt-Right shot a fucking chopper out of the sky there is absolutely no way those trooper’s deaths had anything to do with “white nationalist terrorism.”

So right there, the media is full of absolute bullshit.

Now, let’s talk about the woman who died being hit by a car. To hear some talk about it, this woman was merely “crossing the street” when she was “struck by a white supremacist terrorist.” If you get a more complete telling, you’ll hear something like “she along with other anti-fascist protestors were struck by a car plowing through them by a white supremacist terrorist.”

What you probably will not hear, however, is that the car was being attacked by the anti-fa protestors at the time it spread up and drove through the crowd. The crowd that had surrounded the car. As they beat it up. And while it was eventually uncovered that indeed, the driver had been part of the Alt-Right side of the protest…reasonably the only way Anti-fa would have known that is if they had members who had followed him, seen him get in his car, and reported it to other anti-fa members.

Which means either they attacked his car deliberately after stalking him, or more likely, were just attacking cars (there are reports of other cars getting mobbed) and happened to get lucky. Reports I’ve seen indicate the driver was also possibly autistic, and some of the video does indicate that he gunned and sped off just as the attacks started on his car. One person whose video leant towards this events, however, had their camera smashed by one of the Anti-fa protestors.

taylor lorenzo camera destroyed by protestor after taping the alleged terrorist car accident

So the woman who died was part of the Anti-Fa mob who was attacking cars, and happened to get killed by an escaping driver. This is a fact that, as best I can tell, has been completely glossed over or erased from the mainstream media reporting. The driver has been arrested and charged with murder, however (murder 2 last I heard, but I cannot confirm).

Let me state again, Anti-fa attacked a car en-mass with the intention of harming the occupant, an autistic young man, who panicked and accidentally killed a woman who was part of said attacking mob, and the young man has been charged with murder and declared on national and international television to be a terrorist.

What absolute fucking bullshit.

And I’m sorry, but it is absolutely bullshit. When a man can mass murder fifty gay people intentionally because they are homosexual and that is not an act of terrorism, but a man attempting to escape a violent mob accidentally kills someone is an act of terrorism, there is something so utterly fucked as to be incomprehensible. When time after fucking time intentional mass murder is not terrorism, but one accidental death and two completely unrelated and accidental deaths are terrorism? What. The. Fuck.

Now look, I don’t care what your view of white nationalism is. I don’t care what your view of white supremacy is. But blaming people and insisting they are all terrorists when they didn’t fucking do anything is wrong! They did not blow that chopper out of the sky! And that young man, by all accounts, was the victim of a mob! Though the woman’s death is regrettable, had she not been taking part in violently attempting to assault some one she would not have died!!!!!

Anti-Fa and BLM attacked people who were protesting peacefully. The Government of Virginia pulled shenanigans to deny American Citizens their Right to Free Speech, their Right to Free Assembly, and probably a few of their other rights. The Governor who pulled the “State of Emergency” shenanigan refused on camera to condemn Anti-fa. They then allowed citizens who had so far abided by the law to be further assaulted by Anti-Fa and BLM. And then the state of Virginia and the Media blamed three deaths on the Alt-Right just so they could run with stories of “Violent White Supremacists Committing Terrorism!!!!”

So far, the only sane person I’ve seen is Trump, who condemned the violence on both sides. People have been raging at him for not naming “white supremacist terrorism” but to be fair, the white nationalists were not the ones marching around with MOTHER FUCKING FLAMETHROWERS!!!! The white nationalists were not the ones attacking cars! They set fire to absolutely nothing. They did not riot. They did not pillage and burn. They came, they marched, they went home.

Anti-fa and BLM has rioted. Anti-fa and BLM has burned. Anti-fa has attempted to commit murder in the street! Black Lives Matter actually has murdered people! But it is the “White Nationalists” who are terrorists? The “White Nationalists” are the only ones who need to be condemned? They’re the only ones who need to be labeled as “terrorists” but BLM and Anti-fa are fine? They good boys, they dindu nuffin?


Now me, I’ve fairly “Center right” I guess. Although I’ve been accused by Marxists of being “alt-right” and I’ve laughed and enjoyed some Kekistani things now and again, I don’t really consider myself “alt-right.” And as I was seeing some of this stuff last night I will admit, I was concerned, because I do get what the alt-right is about and I do find myself agreeing with them more. And I wondered, is this the end of the alt-right?

And then I turned on “Meet the Press” this morning. I hit various news sites both left and right. And the sheer, absolute smugness, the absolute hypocrisy, hit me like the stench off an over ripe garbage truck after three days in one hundred degree weather. And I will not lie.

I am fucking pissed.

I am filled with a holy rage. I am disgusted to see the same people who time after time insisted that when dozens of people were killed that “it wasn’t terrorism.” But one accidental death and suddenly “It’s terrorism! Sweeping the Country! We need to declare all these “alt-right” people terrorists!” All while being smug, smug bastards. This is what they wanted. This is what they craved. It didn’t matter that it was an accident. It doesn’t matter someone was afraid for their lives. There is blood in the streets and they’re happy.

Well, I hope they’re hungry, because more is coming. They have played this as terrorism for an entire day and they show no signs of stopping. So the next protest, or the one after that? There will be blood. Anti-fa will feel completely justified in murdering Nazis. It won’t matter if the person or persons they kill are nazis, or white supremacists, or white nationalists, or even just white. Anti-fa now has their media license to kill. And as soon as they do, well, the alt-right is going to meet deadly force with deadly force.

milo left wanted violence

Well congratulations Lefties, you got what you wanted. And honestly, I think all today is going to do is drive more people to the right, because the media is doing in spades what was already driving people there: Lying like nobody’s business, and vilifying people based on their race, and being absolute hypocrites with their morals. And all they’ve shown the alt-right today is that they will be painted terrorists for shit they didn’t even do. So what reason is there to hold back from doing shit?

I can’t think of any. The only thing I can think of is pondering over my own center-right stance and asking myself what I believe now. Because the innocent are being painted as guilty, while the guilty get to start piling up the bodies of the innocent. And that, frankly, is not just. Not as Hela taught me. Not as my faith taught me. Not as my ancestors taught me.


Hela Bless