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Ah the great conundrum. No, not how to deal with supremacists, but the fact that the stuff that manages to inspire me to write lately is exactly the stuff I wish we could shut up about. But hey, we can’t always get what we want, but we can always want what we get, I guess.

Anyways, what’s getting me inspired now is a post that somehow popped up where I could see it entitled: White Supremacy Is Bad for the Jews. Let’s Be Bad for White Supremacy. Because when you’ve got a bunch of people calling out Jewish control (or at least heavy influence) over various institutional powers and insisting that Jewish lead programs like mass immigration no be allowed to succeed, the exact thing you want to do is insist on militarizing your Jewish influence to silence and suppress those protesting your over representation in power.

Now, I am not jumping on the bandwagon that says “All Jews are out to kill/enslave the goyim.” Because frankly, as trite as it sounds #NotAllJews. But I will admit there are a fair number of Jews who do make it a point to insist that “White” people are a cancer, need to go extinct, and deserve to be replaced/eliminated. The quotes are pretty easy to find, but if you want a quick look, look up a guy named Tim Wise.

“…but is it good for the Jews?”

Practically a punchline in my generation, but it was still a question around the dinner table when we were growing up. (“We” being U.S. Ashkenazis, we descendants of the European Jewish survivors of the pogroms, the ghettos, or the Third Reich. Descendants of the ones who’d made it here in time. We who were all that was left. We remnants.) Underneath the laugh, maybe we meant it a little, or our parents did. Not as much as their parents did — their parents who more intimately knew themselves as Jewish and outsider here, politically and culturally — but there was still that edge of insecurity: How is this going to play out for our people? This political issue? This candidate? This policy? How will it impact our safety? Our survival? We kid, we kid: “the new citywide recycling program — is it good for the Jews?” but we don’t forget the question.

“Is it Good for the Jews?”

This is the first paragraph, and while I’m not intending to go line by line through this one, I decided I wanted to include this…if only to show the blatant double standard that this article is based on. Every policy, every issue, every candidate, down to fucking recycling programs…is it good for the Jews?

As we rush ever faster into the world of identity politics, and the ever greater outcries towards “White Supremacy,” imagine the absolute shit show if this was about “White People.” “Is this candidate good for whites?” RACIST! How do I know? Because look how Trump gets treated, or Trump voters. “Is this policy good for whites?” RACIST!!!!! Etc, etc, etc.

The fact that out authoress is even writing this article only goes to show the double standard. Faced with the rise of “White supremacy” she is engaging in practices she would denounce as “racist and dangerous” were it done by whites rather than Jews. Within the first paragraph, we’re already seeing “what is okay for me is evil when you do it.” What is “white supremacy” is considered perfectly okay if done by her because she’s not white.

And people wonder why “white supremacy” is growing?

It is the anniversary of the day Anne Frank and her family were captured, and my seven-year-old’s teacher calls to talk about their class discussion of This Day in History… The teacher tells me my daughter was very curious (“camp? Like summer camp?”) and after an absorbing group discussion of diaries, the teacher quickly realized she wanted to develop materials and a longer lesson on this for another time. She says she’s letting me know in case my daughter mentions it at home, since she had so many questions in class. “Yeah, you’ll be surprised to hear this,” I tell the teacher — with whom I serve on the school’s Anti-Racism Anti-Bias Committee, who sees me when we are both out with our families at immigrants’ rights actions and other protests around town, who has invited me to speak to the class about Jewish holidays and traditions, who has heard our kid talk at school about boycotts and huelgas and Black Lives Matter — “but we haven’t actually told A. yet about the Holocaust.”

So, first thing I noted is that our authoress is on the “Anti-Racism Anti-Bias Committee,” which just sounds all level of Orwellian “++Goodthink Comrade” to me. Also, it’s hilarious that a woman whose focus growing up (and probably to this day based  on this article is) “Is X good for my Race.” Bit of a betrayal of the mission statement there, but nothing surprises me any more.

She mentions meeting said teacher at an immigrant rights rally. I’m only point it out because later its going to be hilarious.

Anyways, she goes on about how she had a conversation with her lesbian, non-jewish partner (traif!) about when she learned of the holocaust:

…I remember knowing the word “Hitler” but not knowing what it meant. And I remember reading my mom’s book group copy of Elie Wiesel’s childhood concentration camp memoir Night when I was far too young for it, just because I was a voracious reader and it was small and approachable-looking on the table in the family room. But I don’t remember the conversation that must have happened between those two moments. I don’t remember when or how someone explained to me that the Purim story had a more modern and morbid analogue, in which someone tried to kill us all, and was pretty near successful..

And (as I’m sure people might be tired of hearing) both the “Purim” situation and “Holocaust” situations actually have a lot in common. Haman was the last grandson to a King whose people had been genocided by the Israelis when they decided Canaan was “their land,” and of course there was the Jewish led, Jewish financed, Jewish Communist civil war in 1918 Germany where a significant portion of the Jewish German community attempted to take over Germany and hand it over to the bloodthirsty, mass murdering Bolshevik Revolution of Russia, which was also Jewish led and made no secret of its leaders desires to turn “Whites” into a “white negro race” to do labor for the Bolshevik Communists. (Trotsky was a bastard). The things they don’t tell you in Sunday or regular school. Haman wanted revenge for his people’s annihilation, and the Nazis wanted to get rid of traitors.

trotskys white negros

Ah yes, when the check comes due and you want to scream about the prices at the 5 Star restaurant after ordering $1,000 worth of food and wine.

…But I always knew that however I learned, there was a lot I didn’t want to teach our kid about the Holocaust. I didn’t want the Holocaust to be the foundation of her Jewish identity. I didn’t want to pass on the version of the story in which our people’s historical trauma is understood as a singular victimization that entitles a colonial land grab…


Colonial land grab? Sure, Lebensraum was a thing, but not the driving focus of WWII, nor was it the primary reason for the Holocaust. I don’t know who taught this lady her history, but it wasn’t “colonial land grabbing” that started shit. It was Bolshevik revolutions, Communism, mass murder of the innocent, the sexual exploitation of German people,  the economic exploitation of Germany by a very powerful nations and very immoral banks, the bullheaded bloodthirstiness of England and France, and Hitler’s refusal to hand over power to these forces. The Nazis were no saints by any means, but they were not the only Devils at the table. The Nazis were monsters as much because they lived in a world of Monsters as any inherent monstrosity they might have possessed.

…And I didn’t want her to think of herself as a Jew just because she would have been counted as one under the Nuremberg Laws. I wanted her to build a positive connection to Jewish religious practice, to Jewish values, to her Ashkenazi and broader Jewish heritage, long before we even talked to her about Europe in the 1930s and 1940s.

I wonder how our authoress would react to some white person saying “I didn’t want my child to think of herself as White just because she would have been counted as one under Social Justice. I wanted her to build a positive connection to White heritage, White values, to her German and broader European heritage, long before we even talked about Colonialism or the Second World War.”

Do you think she would be supportive? Understanding? Do you think she would feel this is morally right, and a good thing to do for a child? Or do you think that a Jewish lesbian on an Anti-Racism/Anti-Bias committee would scream about how that was racism, white supremacist, and the child’s parents were Fucking Nazis, who needed to teach their child about the problems of “Whiteness” and the evils of “White supremacy!”

So. November 2016 and still she doesn’t know. “This is going to be so much harder now,” I tell my partner in that first week. Because it is becoming increasingly clear that however we tell her, we can’t tell her the part of the story I hadn’t imagined not telling her: it happened somewhere else, generations ago, and you are safe.


But it never has been safe here. Not for the Jews — who know that a place can look safe right up until it isn’t — and not at all. The United States has fundamentally not been a safe place. It is a nation made possible by theft and murder, the theft and murder of human beings, the theft of Indigenous and Brown and Black people’s lands and lives. It has never stopped being that same dangerous place.

Can I call it, or can I call it?

Of course, absolutely everything she is accusing the USA of being could also be applied to another nation. Israel. The theft and dispossession of “Brown and black” people, their murder, their enslavement. Even as she paint Americans as murderers and thieves, her own people are no better. The USA went from a coastal nation to running from coast to coast because of “Manifest Destiny.” Israel is still but a coastal nation, but ever are they expanding under the mandate of “Divine Destiny.” Americans came to the New World they had never been too and bought land, traded for it, or fought for it. Israelis didn’t possess Palestine for almost two thousand years, and when they returned to it they stole it, murdered for it, conquered it. There was no purchases, there was no trade with the locals only with the empire that owned it, there was only blood. The day before Israel was a state, the Palestinians were to have their own homeland. The day Israel became a state, the Palestinians lost their homeland in a tidal wave of Jewish war and conquest.

The USA at least gave the Natives places where they could rule themselves as their own tribe, and supplied them with money so they could potentially improve their lot in life. The Israelis merely made the Palestinians refugees, or second class citizens where they did not drive them out. If you wish to look at a land of White Supremacy, look at the USA. If you wish to look at a land of Jewish Supremacy, look at Israel. And tell me which is the more inhumane.

Later, after my girl is asleep, I learn the name of the young anti-racist woman who was run down dead by a white supremacist Nazi today. Her name is Heather Heyer. It takes longer to learn the name of Deandre Harris, the twenty year old Black man whom racists set upon in a parking garage and beat with metal pipes. Longer still to find the name of Marcus Martin, a Black man whose body I saw in the photos, flying though the air off the hood of a car.

Heather Heyer, a communist terrorist who was part of Anti-fa and was attacking innocent people in their cars along with Marcus Martin. They were part of a mob waving flags of Spanish Communists, along with the traditional Hammer and Scythe, and other communist flags.

antifa world workers commie flag


Deandre Harris, a man who attacked marchers and became a Media Victim when he lost the fight he started. That is no joke. The man attacked someone in the street, and then got chased into the parking garage where he got his ass handed to him.

These are not innocent people. These are violent people. People who believe they have the right to assault their fellow citizens, to destroy history, to cleanse the world of all that is unclean in their eyes. Who feel they have the right to dictate how others live their lives by force, to take from those they feel should not have, and to disenfranchise part of the population based solely on ideological differences through the use of violence if necessary.

Pay attention. This administration is hell-bent on complete deregulation — unfettered access to money and resources for the corporations and their very rich top echelon, and to hell with all the rest of us. Crony capitalism plus demagoguery is a powerful brew, and anti-Semitism and anti-Blackness are both at work in the mix. Eric K. Ward’s excellent “Skin in the Game: How Antisemitism Animates White Nationalism” spells this out. The more the economic elite are consolidating their wealth and power, the more heavily they rely on white supremacy to get the majority of non-rich Americans to go along, and the more use they make of Jews as foils to get away with their corporate robbery in plain sight, without being noticed…

43% of the Jewish population of America in the top 1% of the US. Of the six media corporations, an average of about 75% of the senior executives are Jewish or have Jewish spouses. Hollywood? 83%. Television? 89%. Music: 78%. Commercial Radio: 61%. Advertising: 67%. News: 70% for Network and 65% for Print.  And that’s just in media, the story is similar across internet, banking, wall street, government, and other institutions. And that is just senior executives, that’s not counting other positions of power.*

Who are the economic elite? Who are those who profit when the elite are more powerful, more wealthy? Who is vastly over represented among the elites? When the elites prosper, to answer our authoress’s question: “Yes, it is good for the Jews.”

…It’s possible that this is another useful role Jared Kushner and Steven Miller play as court Jews. (Honestly, though, Steven Miller? And people call me a self-hating Jew because I’m not a Zionist? Such a one! In the words of Rabbi Aaron Spiegel’s Yiddish curses for Republican Jews, may he be reunited in the world to come with his ancestors, who were all socialist garment workers.)

Ah yes, the Left’s lovely talent for calling out minorities who don’t step into line as “house niggers” and “race traitors.” “Court Jews” is a new one though. Can’t say I’ve seen that one before.

Really, such lovely people.

The comments section yells that the people to fear are Black and Brown people, Muslims, immigrants, and queers. The comments section acts like it’s revealing the evil Jewish mastermind behind it all, but that whole narrative actually functions as a desperate shout to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Well, I mean if you want to get into the actual statistics of things, the “comments” section people aren’t wrong. The vast majority of all violent and deadly terrorist attacks are committed by Muslims. One need only look at the state of crime and violence in Europe to realize immigration has not improved anything in the slightest. “Queers” have certainly made a reputation for themselves as legally violent supremacists who will violate every single tenant and tradition of their host nations in the name of getting what they want, including violating the very truths of scientific reasoning. As for “black and brown” people, well…let’s just say the number one killer of black people is other black people (as in 80%+ of all people who murder blacks are other blacks).

As for “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, again 43% or so of the Jewish community is among the 1%. They most certainly are “Behind the curtain” as it were.”

Guess what? We Jews aren’t the ones owning and controlling everything. We Jews are not the man behind the curtain. We Jews are the curtain.

The world could fill entire books with how this is bullshit. Jews are 2% of the population. Yet they are over represented in media, politics, education, and a dozen other industries. Nearly 50% of their population is the wealthiest of the wealthiest. The rest of the population is just wealthier than anyone else. The median Jewish income is practically double the median income of whites and Asians.

I do not believe there is any one singular person “behind the curtain.” Nor do I believe that there is a vast conspiracy involving all Jews to destroy the culture and civilization of the USA. But there are some people, who are powerful, and wealthy, and Jewish, who do desire destruction.

To claim that all Jews are victims of a vast conspiracy against them without cause or reason is a foolish act of self-ignorance.

What difference does it make that the Charlottesville white power riot used symbols and slogans that attack Black folks, Jews, and queers? What does it mean that the white power rioters consider or least present themselves to be victims targeted for erasure by people who have less structural power and privilege than they do?

Well, given that at least one of the guys running around with a Nazi flag may turn out to be a fucking FBI plant…that could make a difference. Given there’s reports going around that the actual car incident might be a false flag…could make a difference. Given that the FBI has low-key admitted they had plants on both fucking sizes of Charlottesville…could make a difference. And given that these demonstrations are a direct response to violent communists, black supremacists, and others who want only to destroy everything they hate because it’s “White,” well…

these movements 4

Now, let’s talk about “less structural power and privilege.” The simple fact is that in regards to Jews, they have more structural power and privilege than any fucking ethnicity in this country, and maybe even on this planet given that around the world, Jews are in top economic, political, and media positions. As for “Queer” people, I’m going to assume that means the entire “LGBTQ” group rather than just the “queer” part of that, but they have the ability to wreck everything in their path. The very definition of marriage, a thing that has been understood as one thing for the entire history of human history, now means something else. I’ve watched several times as the “Queer” community has ravaged the Pagan community as a whole. I have watched entire religions die because of the Queer community, and I have witnessed the ravages of their war on Christians, and heterosexuals. So do not tell me they do not have power.

As for the Black community, okay sure, I’ll give you a case could that they do not have institutional power. Of course a number of the cities where blacks have rioted as part of the BLM situation certainly do have a lot of black people in high positions. Regardless though, sure, blacks don’t have “institutional power.” But they sure as fuck have the backing of institutional power. You don’t get to riot and burn down entire neighborhoods, or large parts of cities, without the backing of local institutions who do not allow the cops to shoot you or arrest you on sight. And you certainly do not get to have your riots portrayed as a viable and necessary action on your “quest for equal rights” without the backing of the fucking Media Institutions. They might not possess it themselves, but they certainly have its support.

Longtime organizer and political researcher Scot Nakagawa has pointed out that this version of racism, which paints the powerful as the victim of the oppressed, takes European anti-semitism as its template. That’s how anti-semitism in Europe often functioned: make the Jews the public face of wealth, put the Jews between the masses and the rulers, and then when needed, trot out the Jews as the threat to “us” all — somehow creating a new “us” that binds together the rulers and the masses, letting the same old class domination keep going in the name of shared victimhood.

Standard history of Jews and anti-semitism in Europe.

  1. Jews move into country.
  2. Jews make loans to the populace with usury (interest) because usury is illegal between Christians/Muslims.
  3. Jews make money off the debts of non-Jews.
  4. Jew make a lot of money off the debts of non-Jews, become Wealthy.
  5. Jews use this wealth to give loans to Royalty, with usury.
  6. Jews become insanely wealthy.
  7. Nation and its people now in debt to Jews.
  8. People realize they’ve been “Jewed” out of their nation and wealth.
  9. Elites lead the charge against the wealthy Jews.
  10. Jews run away screaming that everyone hates Jews because they are Jews, fail to realize people hate being debt slaves.

And that is exactly why Jews have gotten themselves kicked out of almost 200 countries since 117 AD. Their community comes in, doesn’t make anything except loans, gets insanely wealthy as everyone else gets poorer and poorer, and then proceeds to get chased out because it is impossible to repay all the debt except by getting ride of the debtor.

In today’s U.S., the government’s rhetoric and the rhetoric of the Charlottesville white power rioters invoke the same false “we:” “We Americans” are threatened by immigrants. “We white men” are an endangered species. “We parents” have to keep trans kids out of public bathrooms. Nu, all of this is bad for the Jews.

Well…we are. It was freely acknowledge that this was the “last election” for the political right. Had Trump lost, Hillary would have been in office, opened up the boarders, and the influx of people would have been enough to turn the entire electoral map “blue” and turn the USA into a functionally One Party Nation, because the minority party (Right) would never, ever have been able to win any election ever again.

And it’s an openly gloated fact that white people are about to become a minority in the USA in the next thirty or forty years unless something drastically changes. Tim Wise (A Jewish anti-racist) has happily and loudly proclaimed that White People Are Going Extinct. He’s not the only one. A lot of Jewish, Black, and “Brown” activists celebrate the coming minority status of “Whites” not only in America, but throughout Europe. Extinction is a very real threat at this point.

And yes, people are not keen about having “trans kids” in the bathrooms with their “cis” children. For very understandable reasons, at least according to their philosophies and psychologies. Certainly, the advent of “trans” youths in youth sports and adult sports has already had a visible effect, where mtf trans athletes brutally outperform their cis peers. Not too long ago, a mtf trans in a women’s weight lifting competition broke the records by so much that it is in serious doubt that any cis-woman, no matter how well trained, could even come close to the new record, much less beat it, due to physical limitations. A youth running event had something similar happen, where a fem-trans athlete broke the speed record by so much there is serious doubt any cis-female could ever come close to matching it.

Now, imagine how any parent would feel. Their daughter wants to join a sport, she trains really hard at it, puts her all into it. She’s pretty good, does well. But at the same time there’s a trans-kid there. Every day your daughter has to go into the dressing room and watch male genitalia swinging around everywhere this person goes. You frankly feel that your daughter shouldn’t look at that kind of stuff, you ban/restrict porn in your house. You teach her that seeing that is something meant to be special, and shared only between her and her lover. But every day, DICK swinging about. And then she goes on to the field, and everyday, no matter how hard she tries, she can’t beat the trans-kid. She can train until she bleeds, until muscles rip, and she can’t beat them. And she’s told everyday that that trans kid is the same as her, as much of a woman as her, and it sinks in that they’re both women, and she’s just not good enough. And if she questions it, if she questions why this person who physically is male and is using those biological differences in skeleton and muscular density to grind her dreams into the dust, no only will she be kicked off the team, she’ll be labeled a bigot and have everything from her academic to her social live assassinated, never to be rebuilt.

And you wonder why parents don’t want that for their child?

Obviously, people of all faiths, skin colors, and cultural backgrounds should hate anti-Black racism because anti-Blackness is odious. And Jews of all skin colors and cultural backgrounds, Ashkenazi or Sephardic, Mizrahi or Ethiopian, should hate anti-Black racism because racism goes against Jewish values. For Jews who are white-passing, white-privileged, or white-adjacent, there are some additional reasons to hate anti-Black racism: it sets us up and it puts us in danger.

So Jews who are white passing (99% of them), white privileged (100% of them), or white-adjacent (the hell does that mean?), should oppose anti-black racism because it puts them (the Jews) in danger. Oh, and “anti-blackness is odious.”

Whatever that means.

I mean, I would have thought that racism of any kind would be odious, but this almost feels like a low-key way of saying that certain kinds of racism are acceptable. Then again, we are in an article written by a Jewish Supremacist who argues that the entire Jewish Community should unite together to fight against “white supremacy.” Because the best way to get white supremacists not to blame Jews for their problems is to get Jews to cause them problems. It’s a solution as brilliant as it is dumb. “Let’s prove them wrong by proving them right.”

jews will replace you

The way to protect ourselves and each other is not to wrap the curtain as close as we can get it to the men and women grasping for the most money and power (Betsy DeVos, Erik Prince, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, etc.). It is not to hope that no one notices us and our difference so that we don’t get kicked out of the club. (Even if that weren’t despicable, the Nazis keep showing us it doesn’t work.) The way to protect ourselves and each other is to rip away the curtain, to refuse to stand beside the unjust and powerful to be used as their human shields, and to reject the bad bargain of whiteness.

I am told that “Privilege” is invisible to those who have it. There is perhaps some truth to those words.

The grand irony is I almost wish our Authoress would “rip back the curtain.” Why? Because if we were open and honest about the ethnic make up of the elite, and about the political and social power of the Jewish community, literally everything she says would be but the mirror she would have to look into. There’s a handy little info graph that shows all major US business and government institutions both domestic and international can be traced back to about fifty or so individuals. About half of them are Jewish.

jews into american business

So go ahead. Pull back the curtain. Show how from a population of just 2%, nearly 50% of the top guys in the nation, in the world, are Jewish! Show how much influence Jewish people have over every facet of American life. show them how they influence every level of politics!


The pledge in word and deed is this: We will not sell out our cultures and our comrades, the people whose experiences resonate in our own hearts and the ones we have to struggle to understand, in favor of the false sense of security that comes from temporary proximity to power. We align ourselves with our ancestors and our allies. We side with Black people and Black lives. We side with immigrants. We side with queers and outsiders. We side with Muslims and Sikhs. We side with people who have disabilities and chronic illnesses. We side with people who are poor. We wake up every morning and go out from our homes with the words of Rabbi Hillel on our lips and on our fingers: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, then who am I? And if not now, when?”

There is a story, I’ve told it before, from a Russian soldier in a mixed Rus/Jewish unit on the eastern front of WWII. His unit got captured by the SS and made to dig a mass grave. The Officer then ordered the Jews into the pit, and told the Rus to bury them. Every single Russian soldier refused to bury his comrades, even on pain of death. So the SS officer ordered the Jews out, and the Rus in, and told the Jews to bury the Rus.

Instantly the Jews leapt to bury the Russians. The dirt hit their knees. The dirt came to their chests. It was hard to breath. They were going to be buried alive by their own comrades and friends. Then the SS ordered the Jews to stop. He knelt down, looked the Rus in the eyes and asked: “Now you see what Jews are like?”

The Russian soldier came home from the war.

I’m a Heathen. One of the greatest things my religion values is Loyalty.

So when I look at this, this article, this oath, do you think I see loyalty? The USA went to war with Nazi Germany, because we felt they were monsters. We did horrible, horrible things to them, and considered them just because of what the Germans had done to the Jews. We slaughtered and raped women and children by the millions. We opened our borders to Jews, we helped them create their own homeland, at the cost of millions of innocents. We as a nation sent our sons to die to save them. And how are we repaid?

We are betrayed. That is the only way to put it. The preservation of the Jewish race was of paramount importance, as was a Jewish homeland, and who cared who needed to die and in what numbers to make it happen? But the preservation of Whites and their retaining their own homelands? That is an act of vile racism and must be opposed by the very Jewish community we rescued. The preservation of White people and their history is “White Supremacy” that must be resisted at every turn. Those who protest this erasure must be “Exposed for their anti-semitism!”

Members of the Jewish community preach the extermination of whites. We, who opened hearth and home, nation and armory, to protect them and aid them in their continued existence! We who saved them and showed them hospitality are evil because we want to live!

We desire homelands, just as the Jews did. We desire existence, just as the Jews did. We helped them achieve their desires and existence, but they will oppose us? This is not loyalty. This is not the repayment of like with like. This is betrayal. And for what reason? For what cause? We shared freely, and in turn we are bitten and beaten. Denounced as evil for wanting the very same things they themselves desired and obtained!

nationalism jews vs whites

We refused to bury the Jews in the hole regardless of the danger, even if it cost us our lives. Now we are in the hole, and it seems Jews are eager to bury us because they feel in danger. And I can almost hear the ghost of a dead SS officer asking his question once again.

And I can only look at the ground in shame and confusion. Because to answer him would betray everything we are. But to not answer him…could cost us everything we are.


Hela Bless

*I’m not joking about the over representation.

jewish overrepresentation hard facts