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So, I wasn’t really looking to talk about the latest “terrorist” attacks that have happened, with the “mail bombs” and the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue. Not because I’m “right leaning” and they were committed by “right wing” guys. Rather because I’m still trying to find out everything I can and because what I’m finding out is…interesting.

For example the “mail bombs” thing seems to have been committed by a mentally unstable, native american, male stripper who was living in a van covered with alt-right stickers that…show absolutely no wear. The bombs themselves appear to be entirely non-functional, with possibly little to no actual explosives, and wiring that couldn’t even set off what explosives there might have been. Others are also questioning why the postage shows no signs of having actually been processed (or how explosives would get through a postage system that has been set up to detect exactly these things for the last seventeen years!). So there’s questions, but no real answers.

Which brings us to Bower. Now, any mass shooting is a tragedy and I have railed many a time against terrorist attacks. But as things go, something seems…odd. First off, coming right on the heels of the bomb threats seems tactically unsound, but then we’re told Bower also had mental issues. Still, something is setting off alarms in peoples minds about this.

  1. there are no photographs. The old adage of the net is “pics or it didn’t happen” and that’s for a very good reason. But beyond that, in this day and age of smart phones with cameras and that absolute attention whoring that is American society, you’d think someone would have either grabbed pics, live streamed, something. Yet, there are no photos despite a large media presence and people there. And before people bring up “Jews and the Sabbath” this was a reform temple, where they’re generally okay with people using electronics.* Now, I am aware that there was a funeral and I’m presuming bodies were present. But, still, people have their doubts.
  2. Bower specifically mentions HIAS as a Jewish organization behind mass immigration. Yet, the info for HIAS only broke a few days before the shooting as far as I am aware, with links to it and the Migrant Caravan being established then. Yet he chose the Tree of Life as his target? Despite naming his enemy (and presumably they have offices somewhere) he goes for a completely different target completely unrelated to HIAS? It doesn’t add up.
  3. It took several days for them to release the names of the victims (not that unusual) but every single victim was 80+ years old. Despite it being several days, /pol/ and other sites have failed to find any photos or info about these people. And we’re talking about the folks who can find a flag in the middle of no where anywhere in the world. By going outside. You’d think they could find something on the net, yet nothing so far
  4. This was not an ordinary sabbath service. From what I’ve come to understand, they were actually celebrating a Bris. For those of you who don’t know what a bris is, it’s where they ritually circumcise an 8 day year old boy. And no, this is not carried out with anesthetics by a medical professional. This is carried out raw by a rabbi of…dubious training** who then proceeds to suck/drink the blood from the open wound. So despite reports of Bower bursting into a quiet prayer service, he in fact probably busted in on a screaming child who was having it’s body sliced apart.
  5. There is no audio. Not even the 911 call has been release as far as I know. Related to the lack of photos/videos above.
  6. How did Bower, who supposedly shot 4 cops, make it out of there alive? Generally once you shoot cops, your chances of survival drop to nil because they aren’t going to take chances.

Now, is this to say it didn’t happen? No. But it is to say that people do have questions about what actually did happen, especially in the wake of what appears to be a very crappily put together false flag with the “mail bombs” situation.

Personally? I don’t know what to think as far as the reality or illusion of what might have happened at Tree of Life. Regardless of that, I do still have a few musings.

Frankly, I find it kind of funny that the very media who for decades has played down terrorist attacks as either no terrorist attacks or attacks falsely committed in the name of ideolgies they like (Islam, anti-fa, etc) is suddenly screaming about how horrible these right wing terrorist attacks are. Don Lemon even came out and said “we need to ban white men” because “white men are the most dangerous threat to our country.”

My first response? “This is just part and parcel of living in a Multi-Cultural society.” Which, some of you might remember, is what the Muslim mayor of London said after a couple islamic terrorist attacks in his city. Basically “Stop complaining and get used to it. Your expectation of safety is moot, because a few hundred of you dying each year to violence is worth it for the sake of having a diverse society.” Well, Jewish people are just about the #1 group pushing for diversity (in fact most immigration NGO are Jewish founded and run), so honestly this is just part of a diverse society. You’re getting exactly what you sold us.

I hate to say this, but at this point I’ve become numb to the violence. We’ve spent the last three years dealing with Leftists going around starting riots, setting things on fire, and committing multiple attempted murders, and I think probably succeeding a couple times. And all through that we’ve been told “this is nothing” or worse “this is justified because orange man bad!” So now the shoe appears to be on the other foot and the violence that has been considered justified is justly being returned. Sure, innocence are possibly being caught in the crossfire, but the Left never gave a shit about that previously. You can’t tell me for almost two decades that barbarism is acceptable, and then expect me to be upset at barbarism.

And as for these victims, they were happily engaging in the genital mutilation of a child. Something that when it comes to girl children we have universally condemned. And since I am a just and fair person, that same attitude should be shown towards male children.  The fact that they were gunned down during a barbaric act bothers me not at all.

Call me a monster, but I suspect most of you would have a similar attitude towards those in the act of FGM.

Kenaz has a post about this (which actually inspired me to write this one) where in he mentions white men and suicide.

…The suicide epidemic among White males has for some time been a cause for concern (and mockery).  70% of all suicides in America involve White males: on any given day around 85 White American men die by their own hand.  If one in a thousand decide to turn their rage outward rather than inward, we could be seeing several Squirrel Hills a month.

As someone who has struggled with suicidal depression, I have often asked myself how I would like to go out. Generally I’ve leaned towards slipping pills and booze, because I’m told that’s a rather peaceful way to go and would certainly be the “straw death” of my goddess. And I want to make sure I go to Helheim, I don’t want some over eager valkyrie behind her quota fudging shit up just because I looked like I died by blade or bullet and my magical workings count as battles (some of which were rather impressive).

But…to borrow from Rambo, “die for something or live for nothing.” That is a thought that is present in the minds of many young men, I think. Especially these days. Were it not for my religious devotions this question would likely way heavier on my mind. I do not truly fear a “meaningless death” but that is because my death already has meaning. Still, for your average person? Not all are as blessed as I am.

Another thing Kenaz does is go through the list of victims and talk about how they did not hate Bower. And while this is no doubt true on an objective level, since presumably they did not know Bower, they were Jews from a Reform temple. As a rule, Jews (especially those from a reform synagogue) are very, very Progressive in their political views. I have little doubt that these victims did hate things like white nationalism, and did support open borders, the rights of “migrants” and felt that the USA and world would benefit greatly from the reduction in power of white people and the increase of “diversity” in white nations.

So while they did not hate Bower specifically, I do suspect that they hated everything he stood for. Which, really, is much the same thing. If you do not hate the man, but hate everything the man believes in, is that not the same as hating the man? Christians can talk about “hating the sin while loving the sinner,” but I have found in reality that you cannot simply do this. You will either forgive the sin for the sake of loving the sinner (as so much of Christendom has done) or you will hate the sin so much you will slay the sinner (as much of Islam does). Never have I found a true balance. And let us be honest here, when it comes to “white identitarianism” Jews and their attitudes fall much, much closer to the Islamic way than the Christian.

Kenaz finishes with this statement:

The blood shed at Tree of Life calls out to all of us. We all — Left, Right, Center and the various fringes thereof — need to consider the ways we contribute to our current overheated political climate. We all need to think about ways we can discuss points of contention rationally and politely. Failing that, we need to consider the human costs of our political goals and decide for ourselves how many innocent bodies we are willing to step over whilst building our Utopia.

To which, I am reminded of the immortal words of Sam Hyde (who is still getting away with it).

“Remember, when you win, that these people wanted you dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it’s all funny.”

The left has already made it clear just how many “innocent” bodies they are willing to accept on the road to their utopia. They have shown it time and again, not just here in the USA, but in China, Russia, and dozens of other places. I think Kenaz and others still hope for a peaceful resolution and a unification of our country. But you cannot unify with a people that desires you dead, and only pleads peace when they themselves are injured. Vae Victus, woe to the conquered, is the only attitude left at this point.

Am I condoning these terrorist attacks? No. But then it doesn’t matter what I condone. Mortals in power set the rules, and they condoned political terrorism. Now, they can live by the very rules they made. Innocents will die. That is war. And this is the war they started. They can bleat like sheep over their fallen, but had they not started this war their fallen would still be with them.



Hela Bless

*in fact a chief rabbi in Israel is refusing to call it a synagogue massacre because it is reform and therefore not truly jewish.

**in fact, in the very same Tree of Life synagogue a rabbi sliced off a baby boy’s entire penis while trying to perform the bris.